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Information technology or just IT is something that Goran grew up with and for him it is child's play.

He got his first computer, the Atari ST, at age 7 and has spent a staggering 60,000+ hours on various computers so far (27 years * 365 days * 6 hours a day). What does that mean? There is no such system or information technology that Goran cannot quickly consume and master, if he has not already.

At the age of 17 he got a first job and today he is an entrepreneur and web technology expert. Work gives him great pleasure and freedom.

His mission is simple: to continue to play with as many technology, cull the best ones that can then be used to transform your business.

He always says: in the world of rapid technological development, there is no point in wasting too much time, one should be practical and rely on proven existing solutions behind which are the years of work of thousands of developers. The market is saturated with powerful tools, you just need to know how to pick and use them.

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